1-Day P901 – 
Management and Control of Building Hot and Cold Water Services

£350.00 (plus VAT) + £130 BOHS examination charge 

Course Description

  • Knowledge and skills to Manage & Control Building Hot and Cold Water Services
  • Highly qualified, industry experienced tutors
  • UK wide, Internationally delivery


To provide an overview of legionella bacteria risk, and how it can be controlled in hotand cold water systems in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Suitability – Who should attend?

Water system technicians and operatives. Responsible persons for domestic hot and cold water systems (e.g. building and facilities managers, duty holders, maintenance staff). Legionella consultants. Occupational hygienists and health and safety managers.What are the entry requirements?

Prior Knowledge:

Controlling legionella risk in domestic hot and cold water systems. Completing the P900 Foundation course or NATAS Legionella Awareness course would also fulfil this requirement. 

Subject Areas:

Introduction and history of the legionella organism.

Legislation and guidance. 

Risk assessment of water systems. 

Operational control. 

Outbreak investigation procedures. 

Record keeping.

Subject Areas:

Candidates must pass a Written Theory examination (1 Hour)

Pre Course Requisites
Candidates for this Advanced Proficiency Module must already hold either the P405 or alternatively the CoC (Asbestos).

Any queries can be sent via info@natas.co.uk and one of our industry-experienced trainers will reply accordingly.

1 days classroom training, with ​1 hour exam at the end of the training day
The additional study time will be required in the candidates’ own time.

Successful completion of both written and practical assessments will lead to a ‘ADVANCED PROFICIENCY CERTIFICATE’ in Management of Asbestos in Premises, the Duty Holder Requirements

£350 + VAT Course Fee
£130 (VAT Exempt) Exam Fee

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