Asbestos in Schools

As the children went back to school last month, we had a look into Asbestos in Schools in order to highlight some facts, the roles of staff & who is responsible.

Time and time again, we see Asbestos cases in Schools popping up very frequently. Therefore we need to make sure the Persons responsible for Asbestos Safety in Schools, know the facts and get the correct level of training in order to become competent with the matter.

Below we have looked over various facts regarding Asbestos in Schools:

-Approximately 86% of schools in the UK contain asbestos

-Asbestos can be easily disturbed in School as playing children can often disrupt the asbestos with boisterous behaviour, therefore, causing the occupancy activity to increase.

-Much of the asbestos in schools was installed during the 1940s – 1970s.

-Figures suggest that 319 teachers have died from mesothelioma since 1980.
205 of these deaths have occurred since 2001.

-The last alarming fact is that often staff are not informed about the presence of asbestos in their school, resulting in staff not having an understanding of the dangers of asbestos or have the ability to be able to stop the distribution of asbestos.

We feel there needs to be the correct level of training enforced to the Duty Holder of the School as well as teachers taking the basic Asbestos Awareness Training.

NATAS provide Free Asbestos Awareness; this free content can help school staff get the right knowledge of asbestos, where it can be found and how to reduce exposure. However, we can provide certification for delegates who have taken the course for £10.00 + VAT, this course in accredited by IATP, Rospa & recognised by the HSE.

Who is responsible for managing asbestos in schools?

Anyone who has responsibility for the maintenance and/or repair of schools has the responsibility to manage the asbestos in the school, this person is called the duty holder. This can be the employer or an appointed person although this may change depending on the type of school such as colleges, academies and independent schools etc.

The duty to manage asbestos may also be shared between schools and the local authority. Both parties will, therefore, have ‘duty holder’ responsibilities for the repair and maintenance of the premises. For any School duty holders, we recommend taking our brand new Duty to Manage course, which provides guidance on complying with the Control of Asbestos 2012 as well as been competent, when managing asbestos in schools.

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