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Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral fibre that was widely used in construction in the UK for decades for its heat resistance, strength, durability and insulating properties. It was frequently used as part of construction materials such as insulation, roofing, flooring and cement.

However, exposure to asbestos fibres carries severe health risks that mean it is no longer used. These include lung diseases and various types of cancers. Because it was widely used in the past, workers in construction and other fields may encounter this legacy asbestos. This can be extremely hazardous, so it’s crucial that anyone who works in industries where asbestos exposure is a risk understands how to safeguard themselves and others.

An asbestos awareness online test can help assess their level of knowledge and understanding.

The NATAS Asbestos Awareness Course

It’s a legal requirement for workers who may be exposed to asbestos to undertake an asbestos awareness course at regular intervals. The NATAS Online Asbestos Awareness Training Course ensures helps employers to meet their requirements as set out by the Health & Safety Executive.

The NATAS Asbestos Awareness Online Course teaches participants how to ascertain if asbestos may be present in a building, how it should be handled and the emergency procedures to follow should it be disturbed. It also teaches workers the health consequences caused by asbestos fibres and what the legislation requires.

Workers who take the course will be given a thorough grounding in safe working procedures as well as safe decontamination techniques.

To ensure that participants have fully understood and can apply what they have been taught, they will be required to undertake an asbestos awareness test.

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What is an asbestos test online?

An asbestos test ensures that a participant on an asbestos awareness test has understood and can recall what they have learnt. Passing the asbestos awareness test results in valuable certification. This serves as evidence of the individual’s understanding of the risks associated with asbestos, safety procedures and what to do in the event of any asbestos being disturbed.

It demonstrates their ability to identity materials that may contain asbestos, how to implement proper safety measures, and how to make decisions in an asbestos-related situation.

The NATAS asbestos awareness online test consists of 15 multiple choice questions that are based on the course content. If you successfully complete the asbestos awareness test you will be able to download your asbestos awareness certificate immediately.

The test can be undertaken at the learner’s own pace and can be retaken. The aim of the test is to ensure that course participants fully understand the risks of asbestos and the procedures to be followed.

Effective Online Asbestos Training from NATAS

NATAS is a leading provider of asbestos training in the UK. We have wide experience and expertise across a range of sectors, including housing associations, construction, local councils and oil and gas. We have actively contributed to the development of asbestos training standards.

All NATAS courses are created by industry experts and are approved by reputable accreditation organisations to ensure the highest training standards.

Choose NATAS for reliable, expert-led training and certification that’s convenient for employers and employees alike.

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