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Responsible for Group Asbestos Awareness Training?
Save Time, Save Money… Train Online!

We Have the Multiple Delegate Online Asbestos Awareness Training Solution to Meet Your Needs!
Asbestos Awareness training, can often be a large undertaking when dealing with multiple delegates, requiring money and time investment. What if we told you we could eliminate administration, travel and reporting costs?

NATAS’ have been working with organisations since 2007 creating bespoke solution to meet all types of organisations Asbestos Awareness Training requirements. From multi site organisations to 5,000 plus employees, we have created a tailor made training program to work alongside existing schedules, procedures and budget. Online learning allows Asbestos Awareness Training to happen precisely when and where required!

Pay As You Go Option

If your organisation have an existing learning management system or intranet, our in house developers can create a course that is accessible on your platform, with seamless integration. With the licensing option you can have unlimited Asbestos Awareness delegates become certified, whilst adminstrated and reported following your learning procedures.

Branded Licensing Option

Alternatively, your delegates can access the training online, 24/7, with 3 simple clicks. This training allows delegates to access to training from anywhere in the world, and can complete the training in their own time where required to avoid contract downtime. This option allows your delegates to achieve Asbestos Awareness competency with little to no involvement from your admin team.

Online Asbestos Awareness

NATAS’ specialist eLearning development department provide custom eLearning solutions Our purpose-built eLearning environments give your employees access to training materials anytime, anywhere.” to meet the requirements of high volume users, including development of other Health and Safety modules for induction, refresher and general training requirements. NATAS’ award winning Asbestos courses are IATP and ASHEeLA recognised and is available as both a ready to use solution, providing instant access to training and certification. NATAS custom eLearning solutions provide:

How Can We Help You Achieve Asbestos Awareness for Your Team?

  • Average of 90 minutes training
  • Save Time, Save Money
  • No loss of earnings, contract downtime, travel or accommodation expenses
  • Instant downloadable certification 24/7
  • Custom eLearning courses designed and written by industry experts
  • Bespoke delegate databases providing statistical date and records at the touch of a button
  • Full organisation branding and option to merge with existing Learning Management Systems
  • Administration Support Options
  • Multiple Choice assessments
  • Reporting Features: Per Delegate and Group Statistics
  • Option to include clients own policy documentation, images and procedures.

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