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Course Description

NATAS are pleased to announce the release of our brand new Duty to Manage Online Course. This course is aimed at Duty Holders and Appointed Persons under Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, the Duty to Manage Asbestos in Non-Domestic Premises.

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Course Outline

Course sections:



3.0Developing an Asbestos Management Strategy

4.0Asbestos Risk Assessments

5.0Reporting Results

6.0Asbestos Registers and Management Plans

7.0Asbestos Remediation

Who is this course for?


Duty to Manage Asbestos 2016

This course is aimed at Duty Holders and Appointed Persons under Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, the Duty to Manage Asbestos in Non-Domestic Premises. There are no specific qualifications stipulated for an asbestos dutyholder or appointed person under the regulations, the requirement is for the person(s) undertaking the role to be “competent”. Competency is a culmination of training, knowledge and experience. This course provides theoretical training on the Duty to Manage, in compliance with Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and successful completion of this course is suitable for dutyholders and appointed persons to satisfy the “training” requirement. In order to demonstrate competency, further knowledge and experience is required, such as knowledge of the premises that are being managed, experience in applying the training and knowledge in real life situations. 

For this reason, it is recommended by NATAS that new dutyholders and appointed persons, work with and alongside other experienced people for a period of time of 6 – 12 months (non-specific) in order to gain suitable experience before taking on full responsibility for themselves. This can be achieved by working within a team of other competent persons within an organisation, such as an established asbestos management team or, by engaging the services of external competent consultants, such as NATAS to work with you and offering mentoring.

As a fundamental element of a person’s training and knowledge of asbestos matters they should also undertake asbestos awareness training. For persons who require asbestos awareness training they can take the NATAS Asbestos Awareness course. 

This course alone does not provide training for physical work with asbestos containing materials (ACMs). This course does explain the requirements for training for different types of asbestos work, including the taking as samples, however this course alone does not qualify you to work physically with asbestos containing materials (ACMs), for which additional training is required. Information on required training is included within this course.

Please refer to the NATAS website for further information on all courses provided. 


Course Outline

This course contains an extensive amount of information and refers to several external resources, including HSE publications. Some of the information is provided as supplementary resources for use either during the course and for reference at anytime after completion of the course. This course will take approximately up to three hours to complete. You can take the course at your own pace and do not have to complete it in one session. The book-marking feature in the course will take you back to where you left off in your last session. Once you have completed the course, in order to receive a training certificate, you will need to take the online assessment which comprises of 20 multiple choice questions on subjects covered within the course. You have 60 minutes to complete the test and access to the course will be blocked whilst you are taking the test. You have three attempts to pass the test which carries an 80% pass mark (16 questions answered correctly). You can access and review the course content on completion of the test. Your certificate is automatically generated by the NATAS eLearning system and will be available for download on successful completion of the test.

Where copyright is owned by third parties this is notified in the course, otherwise all copyright is owned by NATAS and content may not be copied or reproduced. See the full copyright notice here. By continuing past this point and taking the course you are deemed to have read and accepted the copyright notice. 

Course timing

This course will take you approximately 4 hour to complete. You can take the course at your convenience and do not need to complete it in a single session.

The course is designed that you must follow and complete each section before moving to the next. You can go back and review completed sections.

Who are NATAS?

NATAS was first established in 1996 as the National Asbestos Training & Accreditation Scheme.

It was the first 100% dedicated asbestos training provider in the UK and the first independent asbestos training provider to be recognised by HSE.

Since then NATAS has trained tens of thousands of people in all aspects of asbestos from awareness through to asbestos removal and maintenance, asbestos surveying, material analysis, air testing and consultancy.

NATAS remains the UK's longest established independent asbestos training provider and to this day maintains itself as a highly respected training provider in the UK and worldwide.

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