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Online Training Vs In-Person Training

Pre-pandemic, the majority of learning and training was done in person. After all, how could you possibly learn without being present to apply yourself?
Now we know it as a different story, and many of us have adapted to working, learning and communicating effectively online. So, what does this mean for the future of your team’s training now that the option is more open?

If you have found yourself considering the differences between online and in-person training, you have come to the right place. To help you make the right decision for your team, we have put together an extensive guide on the differences between the two and which might be the best option for you.


Online Training

Online training might be an option that you would never have considered before the pandemic, and in some cases, this option might not have even been on the table for certain courses. But now that you have more flexibility to choose online training for your team is it more beneficial? Or should you stick to traditional in-person training
Here we have broken down the pros and cons of online training to help your decision making!


Pros of Online Trainingin person training

Let’s start with why online training can be largely beneficial to people who choose it.

  • Not Bound By Geography

Firstly, online training allows you to get expert training from experienced professionals without being limited by geography. At NATAS, we deliver high-quality online training to students worldwide written by our industry expert trainers, including SMSTS online course, asbestos awareness online course, and more. 

  • Flexibility with Schedules

With online training, you can also enjoy a more flexible training schedule. Your team won’t have to block out the same time to complete training, as it can be picked up at a more convenient time. Whether using a computer on-site or completing training at home, delegates can pick up training at times that suit them to ensure they’re in the right frame of mind and have the time to dedicate their focus to learning.

  • Immediate Qualification

Another plus of online training is the option for immediate qualification. If your team needs training fast for an unforeseen job or circumstance, you don’t need to wait for a booked training course in person and delay the work further. Instead, trainees can work as soon as they have laptop access and receive immediate qualification upon completion to show on-site for compliancy.


Cons of Online Training

While there are many positives to online training, it is essential to note that there are other considerations to take into account.

  • Possible At-Home Distractions

One of the issues some may face when carrying out online training at home is the amount of distraction. From family members in the house, people knocking at the door, and other life admin threatening to pull you away from the screen, completing online training at home can sometimes take delegates more time to finish.
Luckily, with online training at NATAS, there is the option to pause and start training as it is delivered in easy-to-follow blocks. If things do pop up while delegates are in the middle of training, the course will save their progress and they can pick up the training where they left off without having to restart and becoming disheartened. This means that whatever course you choose, whether it’s our duty to manage asbestos online course, our SSSTS online course, or another one of our courses, you can work at a pace that suits you.

  • Higher Levels of Self Motivation Needed

Similarly, just as things can cause delegates to become distracted at home when training, they must also be more self-motivated to get their training done. Even though many of us have adapted to working from home, for some, it is still tempting to relax on the sofa, spend time in the garden or get other chores done in the home rather than sit in front of the screen.
To combat this, encourage your team to complete online training on-site or in the office if they feel they may not complete it promptly at home.


In-Person Training

If you’re unsure of your team’s online training, you might want to stick to traditional in-person training options. However, it still has pros and cons that you should weigh up against having the training online.


Pros of In-Person Traininggroup training course in person

There are many pros to in-person training, so we have pulled together some of the most beneficial you should consider.

  • Distraction-Free Environment

With in-person training, delegates are free from outside distractions and are almost guaranteed to complete the course within a set time frame. Once trainees enter the training space, they are in a learning environment of focused attention that ensures they’re motivated to learn and succeed.

  • Hands-on Learning

Some of the courses we offer at NATAS simply make more sense as a more hands-on training experience as they can include discussions led by the students to understand their current projects, roles and responsibilities and working together, whereas these discussions may not arise with online training.
These in person courses can be more technical and involve practical elements that require face to face training. Also there are various courses that are not possible to deliver online so face to face training is the only option for these courses. When booking training you also need to consider the style of learning that may be most effective to your team.

  • Immediate Support and Help

Although many online training courses from NATAS include online support, the immediate face-to-face support available with in-person training is invaluable. Trainers can offer real-time advice and support to delegates for specific areas of work the delegate may need help and can guide them through learning in a way that best suits them. Even if delegates have not felt comfortable expressing a need for additional support, our trainers have a keen eye and understanding to ensure everyone on the course is learning and understanding at the same pace.


Cons of In-Person Training

Cons of in-person training are few, but we still want you to have an unbiased opinion when making your decision. Here are just a couple of points to take into account.

  • Less Scheduling Flexibility

With in-person training, there are, of course, many scheduling options available from NATAS to find a time that best fits your team’s schedule. However, this does sometimes have its limitations as training space, refreshments, and the appropriate trainer delivering the course all need to be booked at a suitable time for all delegates on the team. This makes in-person training impractical for last-minute or emergency training where online options might be better suited.
However, with the proper planning, in-person training is an excellent route for your team’s training needs.

  • Less Control

Like the less flexibility with scheduling, there is similarly a lack of control available for delegates with in-person training. Suppose team members are having an off-day or are unable to attend the training for whatever reason or fully commit themselves. In that case, they don’t have the same flexibility as online training to pause and start the training at times that best suit them.
However, the motivating atmosphere and in-person support of classroom training should hopefully counteract feelings like this.


Which Should I Choose?Training course

Now that you have a breakdown of the different pros and cons of classroom vs online training, it’s time to decide!
If you are still unsure which would be the best option for your team, think of it in relation to the specific course you need to take. We have information and advice on all of our courses available to help you choose the right option for your team.
Alternatively, you can find out more about our online courses and classroom training or discover our bespoke training packages available to find a service tailored to your business needs.

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