NATAS Site Survey

“The Ultimate Surveying Solution for Precision 3D Data Capture”

A ground-breaking survey package that allows users to study any environment from every angle at any time, 360 Site Survey immerses users into a 360° virtual environment to discover and identify key information for a multitude of requirements. From material conditions, structural updates and maintenance activities, 360 Site Survey creates an increased safety culture whilst saving time and money on a variety of site projects. NATAS Site Survey is a powerful visual asset management solution, uniting training, planning and compliance for restricted and hazardous areas.

Our Experience

Stuart joined NATAS : Site Survey. He is a professional Building and Land surveyor with over 20 years experience with the construction industry.

Stuart has supported retail, residential and commercial developments providing accurate surveying information to support a wide variety of construction projects through his career. He spent several years in architectural practice where he gained a unique understanding of surveying from the Client perspective and the outputs they require. Today Stuart and his team are developing our state of the art 3D Laser Scanning service to deliver 2D and 3D As Built records to meet Client specifications in all fields of the building industry.

Replacing traditional methods of sourcing site plans with static imagery, users are invited into an interactive environment creating a hands on approach to site management, encouraging knowledge sharing and real time updates due to the practical nature and ease of use for all users.

360 Site Survey bridges the gap between site maps and static drawings to taking the user into a virtual environment where practical steps are taken to achieve compliance and keep all users up to date with relevant information.


The NATAS Laser Scanning service delivers precision land and building information in traditional 2D AutoCAD, Revit Model or as a BIM Model. Our state of the art scanning system even records 3D photography creating a high definition Digital Walkthrough that practically eliminates return visits to site should the project scope change.

The FARO Focus3D is our high-speed Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS) offering the most efficient method for 3D measurement and 3D image documentation. In only a few minutes, this advanced surveying system records millions of precision dimensions producing a densepoint cloud and incredibly detailed 3D colour images of large scale geometries. Multiple scans from different positions are automatically placed to create a cohesive point cloud, resembling an exact measureable copy of even the most complex of structures.


Provision of a consolidated point cloud file ready to process in a series of CAD and BIM design software.


Provision of a Revit Model from point cloud data and built to meet your precise project specification.


Creation of traditional 2D CAD building plans, sections, elevations and topographical records.


24 hour Internet access to a high definition “walkthrough” experience that facilitates remote desktop site investigation.


  • Enhanced Accuracy
  • +/- 2mm over 120M
  • Complete 3D Data Collection
  • Over 990,000 points per second
  • Rapid Data Capture
  • Site time reduced by 50%
  • HD 3D Imaging
  • 70 megapixel resolution
  • Take measurements
  • Capture high resolution screen shots
  • Share specific coordinates with co-workers
  • Add labels and attachments to the environment
  • Custom features to match your management needs