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Fully Certified Asbestos Awareness Online Course. Industry recognised asbestos awareness test and online training which upon completion gives your asbestos awareness certificate, brought to you by NATAS Asbestos Training Ltd.

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Course Details

Asbestos Awareness Course Details

Our Fully Certified Asbestos Awareness course is for people who may work in buildings where asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) may be present. It includes the awareness of the properties of asbestos, where it has been used in buildings and when it may present a risk.

This will help delegates to protect themselves from the risk of exposure to airborne asbestos fibres and how to comply with health and safety legislation.


Asbestos Awareness Training is a legal requirement for workers to have at regular intervals. Employers must ensure their staff have the correct level of training for their work activities. Taking the NATAS Asbestos Awareness online training course will help you meet these requirements set out by the Health & Safety Executive and keep you and your staff compliant.

Asbestos Awareness training gives learners valuable information on how to avoid disturbing asbestos-containing materials during their work activities. It is essential workers know where asbestos may be present in the building and know the emergency procedure to follow should they ever become exposed to asbestos.

Workers unaware of asbestos handling techniques may unknowingly disturb and inhale asbestos and also put others in the building at the harm of asbestos exposure. Asbestos Awareness increases knowledge to help keep people safe and reduce the likelihood of asbestos exposure.

It is also important for workers to understand the health effects caused by exposure, the legislation and also safe working procedures and safe decontamination techniques.

The NATAS Asbestos Awareness training course online will effectively teach students about all these areas mentioned above.


For more information on our Asbestos Awareness course, find course details and frequently asked questions below. 

Who is this Course in Asbestos Awareness Suitable For?

This online Asbestos Awareness course is suitable for candidates who may work in buildings where asbestos-containing materials may be present. Candidates will be made aware of the properties of asbestos, where it has been used in buildings, and when it may present a risk to you.

The course aims to help candidates to protect themselves from the risk of exposure to airborne asbestos fibres and show the delegates how to comply with the health and safety rules of the asbestos legislation.

Our Asbestos Awareness online training and test is suitable for all candidates, regardless of previous asbestos knowledge, from complete beginner to advanced knowledge candidates.This course is a fantastic learning resource based on HSE guidance to provide a high level of health and safety training. 


This Asbestos Awareness course includes a voiceover to provide audio-visual (AV) learning, with the informative content clearly spoken, to follow the course easily.

Course Accreditation

This NATAS Asbestos Awareness course is approved by:

IATP – Independent Asbestos Training Providers – NATAS were one of the original founding members of the IATP asbestos awareness training.

RoSPA – The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents – NATAS has won the RoSPA Safety Excellence Award for our asbestos awareness online training courses.

CPD – The CPD Certification Service: Continuing Professional Development – If you’re looking for a CPD-approved asbestos awareness course online, look no further than accredited asbestos awareness training and certification with NATAS. Completing this asbestos awareness course provides you with 1 CPD Point.

Asbestos Awareness Course Outline

The course is divided into the following sections to promote an easy-to-follow learning outline:

  • Section 1 – Why is Asbestos Dangerous?: This section will explain the dangers of asbestos in detail and why it is important to avoid disturbing ACMs.
  • Section 2 – Asbestos Facts: This section will introduce you to different types of asbestos and their properties.
  • Section 3 – Types of Asbestos: This section will detail the different types of asbestos and how they can be identified.
  • Section 4 – Uses of Asbestos: This section will explain the previous uses of asbestos.
  • Section 5 – Asbestos Applications: This section will explain the asbestos application and the places and materials in which it is used.
  • Section 6 – Asbestos Legislation and Compliance: Basic legislation and avoiding the risk of asbestos exposure, including emergency procedures.
  • Section 7 – Asbestos Exposure: This final section will teach delegates the dangers of asbestos exposure and the course of action after exposure.

Final Assessment – 15 multiple choice questions based on the course content, to gain your Asbestos Awareness certificate, downloadable instantly.

Do you Require Training for Multiple Students?

Our easy-to-use NATAS Learning Management Admin System is ideal for companies, organisations, and anybody managing multiple persons’ online training requirements. Keep up to date with your staff’s Asbestos Awareness compliance with NATAS. This feature is included with all purchases of NATAS course credits.

With our innovative 360certified website, you can set up your admin account, where you will be able to enrol your staff on their required online courses. Course credits can be purchased and assigned at any time, 24/7—a useful and time-saving way to manage training for your students. You can also email us directly any list of students that you would like to set up on your admin account, and we can action this for you.

When adding students by inputting their details and email addresses, a registration email is sent with their customised login details, allowing students to simply click a link in the email and log in to complete their training! You can also upload and enrol lists of students using a CSV file.

The NATAS progress report allows you to track in real time the progress of students, course completion dates, download certificates and also the ability to export a spreadsheet of student progress data for Excel and record keeping.

In Person Asbestos Awareness Training & Test

Want to achieve your asbestos awareness certificate in person? Our classroom asbestos awareness training course is designed to create a dynamic learning environment, with live discussions and hands-on education for engaging and interactive sessions. By embracing face-to-face interactions, we ensure you gain valuable insights and practical skills that can be applied in real world settings.

Our in-person asbestos awareness training is made to provide a rich and interactive experience that cannot be replicated online. Allowing for nuanced explanations and personalised guidance tailored to the specific needs of each participant, the classroom asbestos awareness course gives you a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of asbestos in various work environments.

The benefits of our in person asbestos training classes include:

  • Hands on learning experience
  • Personalised guidance
  • Networking opportunities
  • Asbestos awareness certificate
  • Confidence building

Get in touch with our experts to find out how to enrol in our accredited in-person asbestos awareness training.

Full expert support is provided by NATAS, included with your admin account, so if you have any questions about the system and its features, we are always on hand to help you.

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The Asbestos Awareness course is aimed at those who encounter asbestos-containing materials during work activities or work in buildings where asbestos is present. It is also aimed at those who manage, supervise and control such work to ensure total compliance and safety of a team as the responsible persons. 

The course complies with the requirements of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and Approved Codes of Practice L143. Persons who also require the “Duty to Manage” asbestos training may take the NATAS Asbestos Awareness and Duty to Manage eLearning Course to complete their training.


To successfully complete the assessment, delegates must obtain a pass mark of 80%, equivalent to two wrong answers. The final assessment is multiple choice and contains fifteen questions in total. Upon completing the final assessment, students will instantly gain their fully certified NATAS Asbestos Awareness Certificate, available to download as a PDF file. This means you can print out or send the certificate as required without delay.

Any delegates that did not obtain 80% in the assessment have five attempts to resit and pass the course. You must purchase an additional license if the course is not passed within five attempts.


Please note that this online course does not qualify you to work with asbestos-containing materials. Additional training is required for working on, removing or repairing asbestos materials. However, such training includes the need for Asbestos Awareness, meaning this course is an essential introduction to your training journey.

Full details of all other training courses are available online in our wider range of classroom health and safety courses. Here you can find information on relevant courses, such as Duty to Manage Asbestos and Non-Licensed Removal training.


This course will take you approximately 1 hour to complete. You can take the course online at your convenience and do not need to complete it in a single session.

The course is designed so that you must follow and complete each section before moving to the next. You can go back and review the completed sections.


This course takes approximately 1-hour to complete. It can also be taken online at your convenience and does not need to be completed in a single session.

The course is designed so that you must follow and complete each section before moving to the next. However, you can go back and review the completed sections before submitting them.


Need more advice? Look for further information in the answers to our most frequently asked questions here. 

What is an ACM?

ACM stands for asbestos-containing material and is often used on-site and within the industry as an abbreviation. As the name suggests, an ACM is any material that contains asbestos. 

When was Asbestos Used?

Asbestos was only fully banned in 1999, and before that, it was a widely used material in construction in the UK and worldwide. It was first used in construction as it was a cheap material and widely available, as well as being insulating, sound absorbent and fire resistant. 

It became popular for use at the end of the 1800s, and by 1950, 100 thousand tonnes were imported into the UK. 

Why is Asbestos Dangerous?

Did you know that asbestos kills around 5000 workers each year? This is more than double the number of people killed on the road. So, while you may not have previously considered the dangers of asbestos, now is the time to pay attention and understand the true risk. 

The visibility of the asbestos fibres makes asbestos so dangerous and high-risk. These are so small that you could not see them to avoid them, and they are released into the air when an ACM is disturbed. They can also be easily inhaled as the fibres are thought to remain airborne for between 48 and 72 hours. 

Once inhaled, asbestos fibres cannot be broken down by the human body. The fibres embed themselves in the lungs and can cause many asbestos-related diseases. Once exposed, you may notice difficulty breathing, shortness of breath and coughing years down the line. This is the start of symptoms, with asbestos-related diseases often being fatal. 

Who May Be Likely to Work with Asbestos-Containing Materials?

Those most likely to work with asbestos-containing materials include refurbishment, renovations, and maintenance professionals. You are most at risk when the building you are working in was built before the year 2000 if ACMs are not identified before the job starts and if you don’t know how to recognise or safely work with asbestos. 

Here is a list of professions most likely to come across ACMs whilst working;

  • Heating and ventilation engineers
  • Demolition workers
  • Carpenters and joiners
  • Plumbers
  • Roofing contractors
  • Painters and decorators
  • Plasterers
  • Construction workers
  • Fire and burglar alarm installers
  • Shopfitters
  • Gas fitters
  • Computer and data installers
  • General maintenance staff eg caretakers
  • Telecommunications engineers
  • Architects, building surveyors, and other such professionals
  • Cable layers
  • Electricians

How Often Should You do an Asbestos Refresher Course?

The frequency of refresher courses depends on the nature of your work and the regulations in your region. The HSE recommends refreshing your Asbestos Awareness every year. This keeps you updated with the latest safety practices and regulations. NATAS offers an Asbestos Awareness online course, which you can complete at your convenience to fulfil this requirement.

The NATAS Asbestos Awareness training course online is comprehensive and covers all the necessary areas of Asbestos Awareness, making it a reliable choice for the annual refresher. It’s also cost-effective, making it a great value Asbestos Awareness course with a high level of quality training.

What are the Three Types of Asbestos Training?

Asbestos training is divided into three categories: A, B, and C. Each category represents a different level of interaction with asbestos.

Asbestos Awareness Category A: This is the most basic level of training and is suitable for those who might come into incidental contact with asbestos during their regular work activities. It provides a general understanding of the dangers associated with asbestos and how to avoid disturbing it. NATAS provides an asbestos awareness online training course that covers this category comprehensively and can be completed within Two Hours.

Category B Training: This is meant for workers who carry out planned work with asbestos that does not require a license. This is more advanced than Category A training and covers specific tasks such as drilling holes in asbestos-containing materials and laying cables in asbestos-containing grounds.

Category C Training: This is the most advanced level and is meant for workers who will be directly involved in the removal of asbestos. It covers the safe removal and disposal of asbestos, including relevant laws and regulations.

At NATAS, we offer asbestos training online for all levels. We understand the varying needs of different professions and strive to provide comprehensive and accredited asbestos awareness training for all.

Who is NATAS?

NATAS was originally formed in 1996 as the National Asbestos Training & Accreditation Scheme, dedicated to improving standards by providing structured and quality training. NATAS soon became established as a nationally respected training provider and in 1998, became the first independent asbestos training provider recognised by the HSE.

Building on and in addition to our core strength as a training and qualification provider for the asbestos industry, NATAS has established a full portfolio of Health & Safety Training Online & Classroom Courses. Our client industry base includes Oil & Gas companies, Councils, Government, MoD, Construction, Housing, Energy, Manufacturing, Building trades and many more. Clients range from individuals to multinationals.

Why choose NATAS?

When it comes to Asbestos Awareness training, NATAS are a standout provider. We provide an accredited Asbestos Awareness course that helps individuals understand the risks associated with asbestos and how to handle such situations. The Asbestos Awareness course is reasonably priced, providing excellent value for the comprehensive e-learning experience it delivers.

The course is easily accessible on computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. Manage your student’s Asbestos Awareness requirements easily with our Learning Management Admin System, included in the course price. With the voiceover element of the course, you can both listen and read the course content and view the course imagery with ease, to cover all bases of learning styles.

NATAS offers 1-hour Asbestos Awareness training online, allowing participants to complete the training at their own pace. The course can be completed in bite-size sections and does not need to be completed in one session- the course will save your progress as you complete the course sections. The convenience of an Asbestos Awareness course online, coupled with the depth of knowledge covered, makes NATAS a preferred choice for many individuals and organisations.

All of our Asbestos training courses online come with an Asbestos certificate online, proving the successful completion of the course. The multiple attempts (5) final test at the end of the course ensures you’ve understood the course material and proves your competence in Asbestos Awareness training, with a pass mark of 80%, or 12/15 correct answers, to provide your Asbestos Awareness qualification certificate.

Course Price : £14 +VAT

Please note, all our online courses are registered via our dedicated online learning site Natas 360 Certified. You will be redirected to to register.

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Who are Natas?

NATAS was first established in 1996 as the National Asbestos Training & Accreditation Scheme. It was the first 100% dedicated asbestos training provider in the UK and the first independent asbestos training provider to be recognised by HSE. Since then NATAS has trained tens of thousands of people in all aspects of asbestos from awareness through to asbestos removal and maintenance, asbestos surveying, material analysis, air testing and consultancy.

NATAS remains the UK's longest established independent asbestos training provider and to this day maintains itself as a highly respected training provider in the UK and worldwide.

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