Non-Licensed Asbestos Removal Training (Cat B)

To provide delegates with both practical and theoretical knowledge to undertake asbestos Non Licensed works in accordance with; Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.



What will you learn on a NATAS Non-Licensed Asbestos Works Course?

Are you or your team looking to undertake work with asbestos containing materials? If so, you need to complete the correct level of training.

Below we have included the course outline of the 1-Day Non-Licensed asbestos training with NATAS, what you will learn and who this course is suitable for.

What type of asbestos work does the NATAS Non-Licensed training allow you to do?

Upon completion of the 1-Day Non-Licensed asbestos training with NATAS, you will be certified to work with and remove non-Licensed asbestos products for 12 months.

In order to continue working with asbestos non-licensed materials, after the 12 months candidates must complete a half-day refresher course or a NATAS Asbestos Works Online Refresher eLearning course, as long as the initial training or annual refresher has been within the last 12 months.

Below are some examples of the type of work that this Non-Licensed Training Course will allow you to undertake.

What will I learn on this Non-licensed Asbestos Works Course?

This 1-day course will teach you:

  • What to do if you discover or accidentally disturb asbestos during your work
  • Using a class-H vacuum cleaner for asbestos
  • Wetting asbestos materials to reduce airborne fibres
  • Personal protective equipment (including RPE & PPE)
  • Personal decontamination procedures 
  • Asbestos Waste disposal and using asbestos waste bags
  • Using damp rags to clean surfaces of minor asbestos contamination
  • Emergency procedures 
  • Cleaning up loose asbestos debris (small quantities)
  • Control Limits and short duration work
  • Legislation and Asbestos Awareness introduction

 On this course there is also a practical module in which we train candidates safe drilling, removal, repair, sealing & painting techniques for various Non-Licensed Asbestos containing material.

Examples of non-licensed work with asbestos

  • Cleaning up small quantities of loose debris containing asbestos containing material dust (where the work is sporadic and of low intensity, the control limit will not be exceeded and it is short duration work)
  • Drilling of textured decorative coatings, for fittings and fixing, light fittings, smoke alarms, air conditioning units/grills
  • Encapsulation and sealing asbestos-containing materials that are in good condition.

Non-Licensed training will also allow you to maintain the following:

  • asbestos cement products such as cement roof sheeting.
  • asbestos-containing thermoplastic and vinyl floor tiles, bitumen roof felt, shingles, damp-proofing coatings, and mastics
  • asbestos containing felt and paper
  • plastic paint coatings, PVC floors, panels and sealing compounds
  • asbestos-containing conveyor belts/drive belts, bonded rubber, electric cables
  • resin-based ACMs such as friction products (eg brake linings)
  • Painting/repainting asbestos insulating board (AIB) that is in good condition
  • Asbestos pipe gaskets (including removal as part of repair and upkeep of equipment) if this can be done without substantial breakage – particularly useful for the oil & gas industry.
  • Asbestos rope cords, ropes, yarns and cloth

Non-Licensed training will also allow you to remove the following produces

  • asbestos cement products (Undamaged) (eg roof sheeting and rainwater goods) 
  • small areas of textured decorative coatings using suitable dust-reducing methods, to support other activities such as installation/replacement of smoke alarms and light fittings
  • textured decorative coatings provided that this can be done without deterioration of the material, (eg if the backing board is carefully cut around to achieve virtually intact removal)
  • loosely fixed asbestos insulating board (AIB) panels to gain access to areas for other maintenance activities (eg under a bath to carry out pipework maintenance, or for access to a ceiling void for repair of lighting).  This also includes re-attaching the panels after the work is done
  • an AIB door with asbestos fireproofing

Non-Licensed training will also allow to do the following short duration work:

  • repair minor damage to AIB
  • involving drilling holes in AIB (eg when installing shelving)

Other work that can be undertaken:

  • Working on other materials containing asbestos (such as paints, bitumen, resins, rubber, etc) where the fibres are bound in a matrix which prevents most of them being released (this includes, typically, aged/weathered AC)
  • associated with collecting and analysing samples to identify the presence of asbestos

What other work can be carried out with this certificate?

Further examples of non-licensed work are available in Asbestos Essentials.

Suitability – Who should attend?:

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for demolition & construction workers, engineers, plumbers, shopfitters, gas & heating installation, roofers, electrical workers or general maintenance and repair staff whose work will knowingly disturb low-risk asbestos-containing materials.

Many of our attendees are in the trade industry, they opt to undertake this training so they are able to fulfil their client’s requirements from housing associations, local councils, estate agents and various maintenance contracts they may be currently working on, instead of having to sub contract any asbestos work out to other Non-Licensed workers.

Not only do we have trades people  attending but also this is also a popular course for  maintenance or heating engineers and installers and many construction & demolition workers who regularly work with or have a requirement to handle/remove asbestos containing materials on site.

Our training is provided by experts in asbestos removal

Our expert trainer has now successfully trained thousands of non-licensed workers in various roles and responsibilities. Should there be a specific asbestos task you would like to focus on then you can let us know upon booking and we can pass this information on to the trainer so you get the correct understanding of working safely with this product.

Attending our Non-Licensed Asbestos Works Course

If you would like to complete a training course, we run monthly Non-Licensed courses in Solihull. 

To see upcoming course dates & more information, take a look at our Non-licensed asbestos works course page.

Pre Course Requisites:

There are no pre-course requistes.

Candidates can attend this course with no previous asbestos training.



1 Full-Day Training

This course fully complies with HSE’s ‘Category B’ training


IATP Recognised Non-Licensed Asbestos Works Training certificate. Valid for 1 year

Refresher training must be completed annually.

Refresher training can be taken as classroom training or by our Non-Licensed eLearning Refresher course (CBT) This must be completed within 12 months of your initial or refresher training.



£250.00 + VAT Per Person

This course is also available on-site/private course at your companies premises for up to 10 people.

Please contact us for a quote

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