Asbestos Operative Refresher

This course is a refresher course for Asbestos Operatives and provides the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills required to continue working on asbestos removal projects.


Asbestos, celebrated for its durability and insulating capabilities, was once a staple in the construction industry until its prohibition in 1999. While no longer in use, the remnants of asbestos continue to lurk within many older buildings, presenting a hazardous environment when disturbed. It is for this reason that professionals whose roles may intersect with this perilous material need to partake in ongoing asbestos awareness refresher training. At NATAS, we take pride in delivering high-quality, current, and thorough training to keep your understanding and alertness of asbestos at the forefront of your consciousness.

The aim of the refresher training is to identify good and bad practices and to ensure that the good practice is shared and that bad practices are stopped. Training Needs Analysis will help to make the annual courses more relevant to delegates. Refresher training should aim to achieve the following objectives:

  • fulfil identified training needs;
  • impart new information, eg changes in legislation and work practices (such as the use of new equipment or wetting techniques);
  • remind employees of the risks they face working with asbestos;
  • reinforce procedures such as the use of hygiene facilities, use and maintenance of RPE and how to use controlled removal techniques;
  • Share good practice and eliminate bad practice.

Suitability – Who should attend?:

Those who already have completed New Operative Refresher 3 Day Training and wishing to continue working on asbestos removal projects.

Pre Course Requisites:

NATAS New Operative Course – 3 Day Initial Training


Typically, the asbestos awareness refresher training lasts about a day, with the precise duration dependent on the course content and the participants’ requirements. The course can be delivered online, offering a flexible and convenient option for busy professionals.


Full certification accredited by IATP

A refresher course should be completed annually.

The course complies with the new Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012 and HSE guidance (chapter 4 of HSG247)


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Refreshing Your Skills and Knowledge

The role of consistent asbestos awareness refresher training cannot be overstated. This course reaffirms your knowledge, ensures you’re up to date with any changes in regulations or best practices, and guarantees your ability to operate securely and effectively around potential asbestos-containing materials (ACMs).

Unlike the full course, which provides an exhaustive study of asbestos, its threats, and necessary safety precautions, the asbestos awareness refresher course is intended to revitalise and solidify your existing knowledge. It reviews crucial topics and underscores any recent amendments in regulations or safety protocols introduced since your last training.

Identifying the Need for a Refresher Course

An asbestos awareness refresher course is indispensable to anyone operating in an environment where ACMs could be found. This includes maintenance workers, electricians, roofers, plumbers, joiners, and construction workers, amongst others. Managers, employers, and anyone tasked with overseeing the safety of a building or team also stand to benefit from this course.

The Necessity for Regular Training

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) advocates that asbestos awareness training be refreshed yearly or whenever the existing training may no longer suffice. This can occur due to shifts in responsibilities, operations, or methods, or when the work quality has diminished. Regular refresher training guarantees that you are constantly equipped with the latest knowledge and skills to manage asbestos safely.

Why NATAS Is the Best Choice for Your Refresher Training

As an industry leader, NATAS recognises that asbestos awareness refresher training needs to extend beyond theoretical understanding. Therefore, our courses incorporate a blend of practical and theoretical aspects, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of asbestos management. We strive to provide engaging, interactive learning experiences, integrating real-world scenarios to help you better understand and apply the knowledge gained.

Opting for NATAS for your asbestos awareness refresher course online ensures access to top-tier training imparted by seasoned professionals. Our courses are meticulously tailored to meet the distinctive needs of various sectors and roles and are routinely updated to reflect any changes in laws or industry best practices. Committed to enhancing the safety and wellbeing of professionals across an array of industries, NATAS is your premier choice for all your asbestos training necessities. Contact us today for further information or to schedule your refresher course.

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Who are Natas?

NATAS was first established in 1996 as the National Asbestos Training & Accreditation Scheme. It was the first 100% dedicated asbestos training provider in the UK and the first independent asbestos training provider to be recognised by HSE. Since then NATAS has trained tens of thousands of people in all aspects of asbestos from awareness through to asbestos removal and maintenance, asbestos surveying, material analysis, air testing and consultancy.

NATAS remains the UK's longest established independent asbestos training provider and to this day maintains itself as a highly respected training provider in the UK and worldwide.

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